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Differences Between NetMEDS and Pharmacy Online

Differences Between NetMEDS and
Pharmacy Online
An online pharmacy, online prescription pharmacy, or virtual pharmacy is a pharmacy that
operates over the Internet and delivers prescriptions to patients via mail, by delivery services, or
pharmacy web portal. It is usually supported by a telephone system and computer network and
provides all the services required by pharmacies such as filling of prescriptions, providing advice
and education pharmacy malaysia online, and accepting payments. This service is provided in the name of the pharmacy
chain, and the cost of this service depends on the type of services extended by it. There are
many types of online pharmacies and their modes of operation vary with the technological
advances. In this article, we will be discussing about the characteristics of the modern online

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It is important to note that there are some differences between an in-house and web-based
pharmacy online. The web-based pharmacy functions as an online pharmacy which dispenses
medications and cures based on the instructions given by a customer through the Web portal.
The in-house pharmacy functions as an actual pharmacy with a licensed pharmacist and
supplies to dispense the needed medication to the customers Malaysia online pharmacy. The latter operates in the name
of a chain of pharmacies and chain managers regulate the supply of the medicines to its retail
outlets. Both have similar functions; however, there are specific differences in the manner and
the source of medication dispensed.
A pharmacy online can sell any type of medicine and there are different types of packages
provided for sale. There are pharmacy software packages and there are pharmacy management
software. The pharmacy software provides features such as reminder about medicine
purchases, tracking of inventory, and shipment status, and pharmacy software also has an
integrated cabinet/dispensary management system. The pharmacy management software helps
in scheduling of deliveries, tracking of stock, and maintenance of stocks, and pharmacy app
provides additional features such as bar code scanning, patient reminders, inventory
management, order entry and printing. Pharmacy app allows its users to share information about
medicines with other pharmacy owners or their friends and social media can also be used to
promote the availability of pharmacy products through Facebook, Twitter and the like.

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The major difference between needs and pharmacy online is that pharmacy online is more
oriented to selling prescription products and as a result, it caters more to the needs of large
institutions and companies. It is evident from the website of needs that they are focused on large
businesses and organizations. In contrast, needs is more oriented towards providing the
services to small businesses, especially to retailers. As the prescription medications are
purchased online, there is no need to visit the pharmacies physically to purchase the medicines
or their supplies.
Another major difference between the two is that netMeds websites are more focused on
generating revenue for their developers and they are not concerned with providing the best
possible service to the customers. The pharmacy software is developed by third parties who
monetize their development through sales of their respective apps ipharma online. However, netMEDS
websites are primarily developed to serve the needs of consumers. It is an important aspect of
any pharmacy management and as a result, many pharmacies choose to have these apps

developed and deployed.
Both pharmacy stores cater to the same audience and users can rest assured that the websites
would provide exactly the same level of user experience. The major difference lies in the way
these two websites calculate their revenues and how they obtain this revenue. While pharmacy
store revenue is obtained through subscription only programs, netMEDS app revenues are
obtained through advertisements on Facebook, Twitter and the like. In both cases, the primary
objective is to ensure that the websites provide a great user experience so that users can easily
find a good quality medicine without hassles.